Visit Us at the Sign of the Post & Hound

Before the majority of Londoners were literate, most people found their way to pubs, merchant houses and other public spaces by way of signs depicting animals, crowns or other easily recognizable objects. And such is the case with our blending house - located in one of the most historic parts of Central London.

Walk just a moment from the River Thames at Temple and you will see the Sign of the Post & Hound - the post representing the mooring points at which barges carrying stocks of rum were once transported up and down the Thames and the English greyhound signifying our London roots.

Here you will find a four-story merchant rum blending house, complete with underground cask store, blending room, bar, retail and tasting rooms. Join us on a tour to explore London's long history of rum blending and trading, to learn about the process of blending, cask maturation and secondary marrying.

By appointment only.

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