Our Story

London is ready to make rum again.

For over one hundred years, the streets of London were home to a bustling network of rum blending houses. The skill lay not in distilling but rather in the sourcing and blending of the liquid. The businesses were small. Their reputation only as good as the last batch they produced.

Then one day the trade stopped - consolidation, cost-cutting and industrialization forced production elsewhere. There simply wasn't a market for high quality, small-batch rum and a skillset once central to London's very identity was lost. Until now...

We are here to bring back the lost craft of rum blending to London. To champion traditional production approaches, reinvigorate interest into the forgotten world of 19th Century rum cocktails and put London Rum back on the map.

All our rums are produced using the same traditional approaches that were employed by the late, great rum blending houses of London over 100 years ago. Like them, we source aged rums from all across the Caribbean, blend them, marry them in London and - like those before us - we never add sugar or colour. What you see is a natural product, produced to centuries-old standards.

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The Hayman Family

Meet the family behind Charles Merser & Co.

From our blending house in Central London the Merser team work to explore new and compelling rum blends to share all around the world. Owned by Christopher, James and Miranda Hayman, Charles Merser & Co. is a continuation of the family's long involvement in the London rum trade.  For generations, the family were involved in sourcing stock from West India Docks to create proprietary blends and today they are proud to continue this long legacy by bringing a lost craft back to London.

Our Team

Christopher Hayman

James Hayman

Miranda Hayman

Justin Shore

Head of UK Sales

Lee Fisher

Head of International

Matt Grant

UK National Account Manager

Chris Bryant-Mansell

Brand Ambassador

Paul Ford

Senior Retail Manager

Edward Pountney

International Market Manager

Charlie Graham

Key Account Manager

Brad Sollis

Key Account Manager

Harry Barber

Sales Development Manager

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